Hack Your Restaurant Favorites with Chef Tatung

Published on July 6, 2020

Missing your restaurant favorites?  Craving the crunch and juiciness of Max’s fried chicken at home?  Want a bowl of Chowking-style fried rice for lunch?  Or how about a Mang Inasal grilled chicken for dinner?  Well, lucky for you because Chef Tatung has his own version of these restaurant classics.  He is sure you can do it too.

These are no fuss cooking hacks from Chef Tatung.  Using ingredients you already have at home – like Datu Puti patis, Silver Swan soy sauce, Jufran ketchup and Datu Puti vinegar –

You’ll soon be munching on your favorites! Try these recipes now and don’t forget to tag us when you post it.


Max’s Style Fried Chicken


Chowking Style Chao Fan


Chicken Inasal