NutriAsia - Wow Sarap Seasoning Granules 8g

Silver Swan Wow Sarap Seasoning Granules

The newest product offering from Silver Swan, Wow Sarap is an all-in-one seasoning designed to easily enhance the taste and aroma, and bring out the WOW in every dish. Each granule has the all-in-one combination of real meat flavor, herbs and spices. Unlike other brands, the granules of Wow Sarap do not clump easily, making it the more economical choice.

    • NutriAsia - WOW SARAP Fish

      WOW SARAP Fish

    • NutriAsia - WOW SARAP Chopsuey

      WOW SARAP Chopsuey

    • NutriAsia - WOW SARAP Egg Rice

      WOW SARAP Egg Rice

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