Bring Your Own Bottle

Let’s build a
zero-waste community one refill at a time

BYOB Store

What is B.Y.O.B?

BYOB stands for Bring Your Own Bote. It is a zero-waste store available where people can refill their favorite NutriAsia products like Datu Puti Condiments, Golden Fiesta Oil, and more

BYOB’s store is made out of eco-bricks that use plastic discards as a component.The store will also serve as a drop-off point for plastic materials for repurposing.

To ensure the safety of our staff and customers, we've updated the BYOB refilling mechanics to adhere to safety protocols.

Refill safely in 4 easy steps

1. Order and register online

To order, go to or scan the QR code below:

Order Form

2. Check if your bottle is allowed for refilling. You may also buy sanitized refillable glass bottles in the BYOB booth if you don't have an existing reusable bottle.

Before going to the booth, make sure your bottles are:

  • - Clean bottle with clean lid/bottle cap
  • - Dry
  • - Safe to be used for food products

Sample types of containers/bottles which are allowed:

  • - Mineral Water Bottle
  • - Juice/Soft drinks Bottle
  • - Bottles used as container of the same items to be refilled (e.g. catsup, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking oil)

The bottles should not be:

  • - Damaged (e.g. no holes, no significant dent, etc)
  • - Used to store non-food or toxic products
  • - Wet
  • - Dirty
  • - Has smell that might be from any type of chemicals or non-food items like paint, gas, etc.

Sample types of containers/bottles which are not allowed:

  • - Plastic bag
  • - Paper bag
  • - Bottles used to store cooking oil cannot be used to refill with other condiments like soy sauce and vinegar
  • - Containers/bottles used to store non-food items such as detergents, liquid soap, fabric softener, crude oil, or any type of chemical.

3. Sanitize your bottles in our UV Sterilizer Cabinet

  • - To ensure your safety, please allow our staff to sterilize your bottles for 15 minutes before refilling.
Sanitize your bottles in our UV Sterilizer Cabinet

4. Refill your chosen products

  • - Minimum refill amount is 200 g while maximum amount is 2 KG

5. Weigh your bottles and pay

Every refill counts so get your favorite condiments and products now!

Our Beneficiary

Gat Andres Bonifacio High School.

All repurposed plastic furnishings will be donated to our beneficiary, Gat Andres Bonifacio High School.

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