Make learning fun with short EDU-tainment videos
Kids will surely enjoy watching over and over again!
Make learning fun with short EDU-tainment videos. Kids will surely enjoy watching over and over again!
Experience the Bananamazing
fun field trip at the Catsup Museum

Have you ever wondered how the famous Filipino favorite Banana Catsup started? How the bananas turned into catsup? Who discovered it? When? and Where?

Interesting right? Okay, let’s all find out by going on a Field Trip to The Catsup Museum!

Join us as we go on an adventure and learn about the rich history of the all time favorite – Filipino Banana Catsup!


We all know that all of us have eaten a banana. But the question is, have you ever seen a Banana plant and all its parts? Let’s all learn more about the history and the different parts of the banana by playing our interactive fun game that will surely make learning bananamazing!

How to be

Want to know how to be as strong as your favourite superhero? or smart as your favourite teacher? Come and join Teacher Nica together with Gian, Jordy, and Pia on an amazing adventure about the importance of eating the right food and maintaining a healthy diet. Sounds exciting, right?

Today's Lesson
How to be
#MaPAPAgalaw at home

What’s your plan for today? To Dance? Eat? Sleep? or Play? Whether you’re inside or outside the house, there are tons of fun-filled activities that can keep you strong and healthy! Let’s all learn and play with Teacher Nica as she teaches Gian Jordy and Pia on how to make a to-do list!

Today's Lesson
Philippine Fruits

Come and CalamanSEE the exotic Philippine fruits as we visit the Farm Fruit lab! Together with Mang Gusting, we learn more about the wonDRAGONful world of fruits, its benefits, and how they are grown!

Today's Lesson