Our Brands

Trusted and loved by Filipino families all over the world, NutriAsia produces great tasting seasonings and condiments to level up your cooking and your meals.

NutriAsia’s Brands

Product Categories

  • Datu Puti Fish Sauce

    Datu Puti is #1 fish sauce brand made from premium fermented anchovy extract. It packs a punch of natural umami flavor, providing the right blend of salty yet savory (linamnam) taste that seeps through dishes.

  • Datu Puti Premium Selection

    Datu Puti Premium Selections offers naturally fermented and brewed condiments that make meals more enjoyable. This includes Natural Cane Vinegar – naturally fermented from locally grown sugar cane and is excellent for salads and dressings. Brewed Soy Sauce is naturally brewed and contains 50% less sodium versus regular soy sauce, best paired with sushi and seafood. Lastly, Thai Fish Sauce is naturally fermented and is best for dipping and marinating meats.

  • Jufran Thai Fish Sauce