Who would have thought that banana catsup would become an important component of Philippine cuisine? Decades after its invention, the beloved Filipino condiment started its upward ascent in the 1960s, when UFC Tamis Anghang Banana Catsup first captured the hearts and palates of the FIlipino with its delicious sauce that is a blend of sweet and spicy.

Today, UFC Tamis Anghang Banana Catsup is in almost every FIlipino home, an essential ingredient in everyday dishes we can truly call our own like Tortang Talong and Pritong Lumpia.

Generations of Filipinos have since relied on UFC’s products to provide the delicious warmth of Filipino homecooking, making it a steady staple in our pantries and dining tables both here and abroad. From our beloved banana catsup, UFC has since expanded into an entire range of ingredients, seasonings, and sauces that help bring our dishes alive with the deliciousness of Philippine flavors.

Traditions are not set in stone and they continue to evolve in the course of lifetimes, reflecting how we live our lives. Many of our memories are anchored on our family traditions, not as a stream of consciousness, but in morsels of happiness or joy savored in hindsight.

As a cook, I take inspiration from UFC’s innovative spirit to create or evolve Filipino recipes to move with the times, using UFC products in creative ways to keep homecooked Filipino food vibrant in our hearts and minds.

This year, we celebrate with UFC as it marks its 50th anniversary through 50 memorable recipes that have become part of our own and our contributors’ culinary traditions here on SIMPOL SALU-SALONG SARAP.

These recipes feature not only UFC’s iconic Banana Catsup but also other seasonings, sauces, mixes, and ingredients that the brand has developed through the years.

The brand has grown from a humble invention by Maria Orosa in the 1920s, which was afterwards massproduced by Dr. Maximo Francisco in the ‘40s. It survived World War 11 and found its way into mainstream Filipino cuisine, much to the delight of Filipinos then and now. It has continued to shape our palates since the mid-century to become a beloved culinary staple and a constant fixture on our Filipino dining tables.

I am so honored to be part of the UFC’s 50th anniversary, through this curation of Simpol recipes gathered from our followers to celebrate, along with the rest of the country, a brand that flavors what it means to be FIlipino. Thank you, UFC, for making our lives more delicious.

– Chef Tatung
Celebrity Chef & Best-Selling Author