Masarap, Masaya NutriAsia

Not just a pantry staple, but the Filipino people’s trusted kitchen partner. From housing the country’s most beloved food brands to building strong food service partnerships and industry innovations, we are committed to helping Filipinos around the world savor the joy and zest of life and food, one table at a time. We bring to life the promise that with NutriAsia, life is good; life is sweet; Masarap, Masaya!

Our Commitment

As one of the country’s emerging cornerstone brands, NutriAsia Inc. is dedicated to not just providing quality products, but also to serving the Filipino people and nation for the decades of trust given to us. Hence we take our commitment to nation-building to the heart. Through the years, we’ve developed and participated in various initiatives that have supported marginalized and minority Read More


Apart from nation-building, we at NutriAsia Inc. are also taking significant steps to ensure a greener footprint for both our products & services. Through different efforts such as the internationally-recognized and awarded Bring Your Own Bote initiative, Datu Puti’s Jumbohalang Tambalan, the EcoStation bus stop, and partnerships with institutions like the Plastic Credit Exchange and Read More

BYOB mother Earth

Our Heritage

Our Values and Meriit

At NutriAsia, we are dedicated to upholding the values on which the company was built on; using our reach and influence to bring joy and delicious food to every household through ethical and sustainable means.

Awards and Recognitions