In 1942, Magdalo V. Francisco developed the revolutionary technology to mass-produce banana catsup commercially leading to the launch of Mafran as the first ever banana catsup brand in the Philippines. To date, Mafran is well-known as Nutri-Asia’s economy brand widely used and trusted by value seekers ranging from home users to traditional food operators.

Mafran All-Around
Banana Catsup

Mafran Banana Catsup Blend is formulated from choice spices, natural flavor and aroma of banana. As the original banana ketchup in the Philippines, it is ideal for a wide selection of dishes, especially barbecue and spaghetti. It can be used as the secret ingredient to lend that unique sweet flavor.

Mafran All-Purpose

The new Mafran All-Purpose Dressing was launched last 2018. This type of sauce has a thick texture that can be used as a dressing, dip or spread. Its distinct sweet and sour taste is sure to enhance the flavour of your all-time favourite dishes such as French fries, burgers and hotdogs.