UFC Banana Catsup created a lot of buzz in 1969 as the first and only Tamis Anghang Banana Catsup in the market. It was initially produced by UFC Holdings, a company owned by the Reyes family of Bulacan, using a unique recipe that combined a delightful sweet taste with the kick of chili. UFC became an instant hit to the Filipino consumers and has since become a staple in every Filipino home.


UFC Tamis-Anghang
Banana Ketchup

Delighting Filipino families throughout the years, UFC Banana Catsup is a unique blend of fresh spices and select bananas which provides the delicious Tamis Anghang flavor. UFC Banana Catsup is the number one catsup in the Philippines. It is versatile and complementary to a wide selection of dishes whether it is for dipping, cooking or marinating.

UFC Hot & Spicy
Banana Catsup

More popularly known for Tamis Anghang, UFC Banana Catsup takes “anghang” to a new level with UFC Banana Catsup Hot & Spicy. This unique banana catsup is ten times hotter than the classic UFC Banana Catsup we all grew up with. It’s perfect for people who like that unexpected, intense heat to an otherwise boring, everyday meal.


Fun Chow

Enjoy home cooked delicious Yang Chow style fried rice in 3 simple and easy steps! Pour UFC Fun Chow on cooked rice, mix, and serve! Select from two delicious flavours: Meaty Yang Chow and Seafood Yang Chow. Now that’s what you call FUN-nalo sa sarap!

Instant Soup

Get that full delicious feeling with UFC Soups, filled with real meat, spices, and vegetable bits. Made perfect for your fried dishes or to satisfy your cozy weather cravings! Comes in three easy to cook variants: Cream of Mushroom, Crab and Corn, Chicken and Corn.

UFC Ginisang Bagoong

UFC Ginisang Bagoong packs the unique flavor combination of sweet, salty and sautéed taste of shrimp, garlic and onions – perfect to use in cooking your favorite authentic Pinoy dishes or simply in pairing with slices of fresh fruit. From your trusted brand, UFC, you are assured of consistent good taste and quality in every bottle.

UFC Gravy sa Sarap

UFC Gravy sa Sarap Ready-To-Eat Gravy makes kids’ favorite food more fun and delicious! Just pour and enjoy UFC Gravy Sa Sarap!

Sweet Chili Sauce

UFC Sweet Chili Sauce is produced from carefully selected and finely chopped chilies and garlic. Taste is sweet and mild, great for dipping deep fried and grilled meat, making every meal memorable.


Hot Sauce

UFC Hot Sauce is made for the fiery Filipino. Its ripe, red-hot chilies and choice spices boost the flavors of your recipes. This zesty seasoning is a must-have to bring out the excitement of your Filipino dishes.

Spaghetti Sauce

UFC Spaghetti Sauce is a thick red orange sweet sauce made from real, sun-ripened tomatoes, select herbs and spices, parmesan cheese and meat flavors. UFC Spaghetti Sauce simplifies and shortens the preparation time and delivers consistently delicious spaghetti. Contains milk, wheat and soy.

nutriasia UFC

Tomato Sauce

Your tomato-based dishes will never be the same after you’ve tried the thick and rich UFC Tomato Sauce that is the perfect fusion of sour and sweet notes. Its superior flavor makes it perfect as a cook-in-sauce because it adds a rich taste to your classic Filipino tomato-based favorites. Contains milk.

Ready Recipes

UFC Ready Recipes Afritada, Menudo, Caldereta and Mechado (contains milk, wheat and soy) Sauces are a range of ready to use red cooking sauces, made from real tomatoes, selected spices and meat flavors. UFC Ready Recipe Sauces are convenient and easy to use. It is pre-mixed and pre-seasoned, and all you have to do is to pour the sauce and let it simmer.

UFC Hapi Fiesta Cooking Oil

The ultimate affordable vegetable cooking oil that provides best quality for the family.


UFC Sinigang sa
Sampaloc Mix

Sinigang Mix will give you that triple sarap-asim because of the powerful combination of Fresh Sampalok, Tomatoes and Calamansi.

UFC Spices

A range of spices and seasonings that will complete your every need.

UFC Fresh Selections​

UFC Fresh Selections are affordable canned vegetables that is harvested and packed on the same day. It is every mom’s reliable pantry side-kick, an essential ingredient used in everyday cooking. UFC Fresh Selection has 4 different variants Mushroom, Corn, Green Peas, and Coconut Cream that are best for cooking and baking.