Established in the early 1940s, Silver Swan began its journey with the manufacture of soy sauce in Malabon. The brand name Silver Swan was derived from the name of its original owner, the late Mr. Sy Bun Suan, who set up a small-scale family-owned venture in Manila’s Chinatown. Today, Silver Swan has expanded its production of condiments and food products from soy sauce to vinegar, fish sauce, salted black beans, chili sauce, hot sauce, oyster sauce, and worcestershire sauce. Silver Swan has become an integral part of Filipino households consistently delivering perfectly balanced taste to every dish the family loves and enjoys.


Silver Swan
Soy Sauce

Made from high-quality soybeans delicately blended to perfection, Silver Swan Soy Sauce is guaranteed to provide that tamang timpla to each and every dish. Silver Swan Soy Sauce is the #1 Soy Sauce in the Philippines.

Silver Swan
Lauriat Chinese Soy Sauce

Premium Soy Sauce that has a balanced sweet-salty flavor making the right base to authentic Chinese and Asian dishes. It is available in two (2) variants that complement varied dish applications and requirements: Regular – has a rich consistency and darker color giving that bold flavor to dishes. It may be used for cooking, marinating and dipping and is suitable for stews, roasts and braises. Light – has a thinner texture and opaque, light brown color that flavors dishes without darkening them. It has higher sodium content than regular and is used for light seasoning and dipping. It is perfect for stir-fries, cold, and steamed dishes.

Silver Swan
Sukang Puti

Manufactured using natural ingredients, Silver Swan Vinegar assures to provide that tamang asim and delicious taste to your favorite dishes.

Silver Swan

A spiced vinegar with a balanced blend of fresh spices and naturally fermented Sukang Tuba (Coconut Vinegar). Sukang-Hang is a shortcut for the Bisaya term Sukang Halang (Spicy Vinegar). *Available in Visayas and Mindanao only

SilverSwan Sukanghang

Silver Swan
Cane Vinegar

Savor that tamang timpla of asimtamis flavor with Silver Swan Cane Vinegar. Expertly crafted from local sugar canes to give your well-loved dishes a dose of natural suka goodness.

Silver Swan
WOW Sarap Seasoning

The newest product offering from Silver Swan, Wow Sarap is your SULIT all-in-one seasoning designed to easily enhance the taste and aroma, and bring out the WOW in every dish.

Each granule has the all-in-one combination of real meat flavor, herbs and spices. Unlike other brands, the granules of Wow Sarap do not clump easily, making it the more economical choice.


Silver Swan

Extracted from high-quality fermented fish, Silver Swan Patis is a must in every Filipino pantry. It adds that tamang timplang alat-linamnam in dishes for that added kick in every sip and bite. Perfect for flavoring Filipino and Asian soups, broths, and meats. It comes in both Patis and Patis Seasoning variants.

Silver Swan
Salted Black Beans

Silver Swan Salted Black Beans is made from naturally fermented high-quality black beans which add texture to any dish. Salty, savory, and crunchy, it’s the perfect addition to give that salty-linamnam flavor and bite to your cooking.


Silver Swan
Old English
Worcestershire Sauce

Has a distinct and complex flavor that is both tangy and savory with a blend of umami, sweetness, sourness, and a hint of spiciness. Old English Worcestershire sauce is the perfect condiment when you’re looking to add that unique flavor to your cooking. Mostly used in Western cuisine, it’s also a great addition to Asian dishes. Comes in both Regular and Hot variants for extra heat.

Silver Swan
Oyster Sauce

For some added tamang timplang linamnam to your cooking, add Silver Swan Oyster Sauce. Made from real oysters, this rich sauce imparts a sweet and salty taste adding depth to any dish. Perfect for marinating meats, stir-fries, and even as a dipping sauce.

Silver Swan
Chili Sauce

Add some kick to your everyday meals with Silver Sweet Swan Chili Sauce. This sauce is a versatile fan favorite with a natural blend of different peppers, vinegar, and spices balanced with right sweetness. Can be used in a variety of dishes and is perfect for dipping, both on its own and combined with other condiments. Comes in both Sweet Chili and Extra Spicy variants.