8 Helpful Tips to Remember When Shopping for Groceries Online

One thing that has become part of our new normal is online shopping. From buying fresh meat, vegetables, and fruits to scoring pantry essentials, you’ve probably found your virtual suki—or favorite vendor—online. While for some, this has always been the norm, there are those who are still navigating the process of choosing items and checking them out in an invisible shopping cart.

Whether you’re an expert or a newbie, you’ll surely find these tips useful when it’s time to restock your refrigerator or pantry again. Some of these tips and tricks you already know. But online grocery shopping takes some getting used to, so check out if there’s anything you might have missed!

1. Have your list ready.
Think of this as any normal shopping day wherein you start with a list. Group items into dry food, non-food, and fresh items so you can easily tick off items as you buy them.

2. Compare prices.
Browse through several stores or ask sellers for their price list. Sometimes, it’s not just about finding the lowest-priced item but also about the convenience or accommodation that a store or seller offers. Do they offer free delivery? Are they able to slice the meat according to your request? Are the payment options convenient?

3. Choose a single online store where you can buy most of what you need.
Whether to save on delivery fees or simply for convenience, buying the most number of items from a single store makes sense. When you shop at NutriAsia’s official store in Shopee and Lazada, you can choose from an array of cooking mixes and sauces, condiments, seasonings, canned goods, beverages, and other ingredients you need to make sure your pantry stays well-stocked for weeks to come.

4. Always read the reviews.
This is similar to asking a kumare or a friend about where they shop and what their experience is like. It’s always best to choose a secure website or app like Shopee and Lazada in order to protect your payment information. Once you’ve picked out a store, always read the reviews to know how customers’ transactions went and if they have any suggestions or tips to share.

5. Take note of additional fees.
While it’s always good to keep a close watch on the total amount of your purchase, you should also check for any additional charges. These may cover delivery or shopper’s fees, if any. Read the fine print as well—you may have to book your own delivery service and pay separately for it.

6. Look for money-saving options.
Stay within your budget! Keep your eyes peeled for freebies, coupons, or discount codes. Maybe the store offers free delivery once you reach a certain amount.

7. Do your online shopping during off-peak hours.
At home, the best time is when everyone else is sleeping. This means your internet connection is likely decongested, so your checkout and online payment can get through without a hitch.

8. Double-check before you check out.
Right before you hit the “Pay” button, go over the items in your shopping cart again and check if you have the correct products in the right quantity.

It’s time to embrace the new way of shopping for your groceries: online! Restock your pantry with UFC, Datu Puti, Silver Swan, Golden Fiesta, Jufran, and Locally products. Get your list ready and shop for these iconic food brands and more at the Nutriasia store in Shopee and Lazada today!