Clean Your Home With An Earth-Friendly Disinfectant Made With Vinegar


As more people enjoy their day-to-day activities indoors, protecting one’s home from germs and bacteria is more important than ever.  But even more people are going natural in everything they use for their home so consider a more natural and earth-friendly approach to sterilize your home surfaces that is more economical too! Everyday cleansers can actually be made with items found around the house. Homemakers can even experiment with an all-natural vinegar disinfectant to combat pesky germs on table tops, kitchen counters, metal fixtures, and more!

Concoct your very own bottle and protect your family and little ones from germs with this eco-friendly mixture.


Items needed:

  • Recycled spray bottle
  • Datu Puti white vinegar
  • Water
  • Calamansi/lemon wedge


  1. Mix together equal parts of white vinegar and water inside the bottle. If you are a stickler for precision, consider ½ cup of vinegar and ½ cup of water.
  2. Include a few droplets of calamansi or lemon juice to add a fresh fragrance into your mixture.
  3. Shake or swirl the contents accordingly and you are done!

Pro tip! For tough and stubborn stains, spray on the solution on the spot and let cleanser sit for a few minutes. Vinegar actively breaks down bacteria buildup.


With your magic mixture in hand, you have an instant cleanser that can be used for tiled surfaces, glass windows, stove tops, and more. Vinegar solutions become an effective disinfectant against grime, grease, and mold in some tough-to-reach areas. It’s a natural alternative to store-bought products that are packed with chemicals which can be harsh on your home furnishings and can harm the environment as well.

During this period of quiet homestay and much-needed downtime, disinfect your house properly and protect your family from disease-causing germs through do-it-yourself cleaning recipes with Datu Puti.