First Step to Making Healthy and Safe Meals


Living healthy of course means eating healthy.  And eating healthy starts with cooking healthy, not cooking healthy meals but literally being clean when you cook.

Start with always making sure work surfaces and utensils are always clean and disinfected.  From kitchen counters to plates and utensils.  There’s no need to buy expensive disinfectants when you can do it yourself – get equal parts water and vinegar, yes vinegar, all-purpose pampasarap ng luto, salad dressing, zesty flavor enhancer, is a great all-natural and safe disinfectant!



Ok, equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle.  Add drops of kalamansi or lemon – shake.  Then spray away.  The vinegar will kill viruses but won’t make your home or kitchen smell!


Steps on how to properly wash your hands

The most fundamental step to cooking healthy is keeping hands clean!  Before, during and after cooking or before serving meals.

The best way to wash is to first think of a good song.  Soap your hands then sing away – ideally for a minimum of 20-seconds but hey, if the spirit gets you sing and wash away!  Soap your palms, back of your hands.  Soap each finger, between fingers and fingernails – wash up to your wrists, then rinse.  Rinse well.  But don’t use your clean hands to close the tap.  Good if you have one of those push faucets, where you can just use your elbows or arms.  But for screw-type faucets, get a tissue or paper towel to close it.

Then cook away secure that your giving your love with every dish and a totally healthy meal every time you sit down to eat with your loved ones.

Oh, but ask them all to wash their hands first as well!

Bon and healthy appetite!