The Catsup Museum by NutriAsia and theMindmuseum

NutriAsia, in partnership with The Mind Museum, brings you the first-ever banana catsup museum in the world!

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About The Catsup Museum

The Catsup Museum was built to help immortalize the story of banana catsup through an informative and interactive experience. It promotes not only the knowledge of Philippine history and culture, but also advocates the importance of science in food manufacturing.

All visitors will bring back an even greater appreciation of Filipino food, and be more proud to be Filipino!

NutriAsia - The Catsup Museum


History of Banana Hall

Learn about the origins of the banana plant all the way from Kuk Valley in New Guinea around 8,000 BCE

The Maria Orosa Hall

Named after the inventor of banana catsup, Maria Orosa. Find out how she was able to innovate and invent the condiment we all love today.

Manufacturing Hall

Enjoy and immersive experience on the step-by-step production of commercial banana catsup.

Banquet Hall

Have fun with larger than life installations of your favourite food and banana catsup.

NutriAsia Catsup Museum
NutriAsia - Catsup Museum
NutriAsia Catsup Museum
NutriAsia - Banquet Hall

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Banana 101

Come with us on an exciting adventure! Let’s learn about the banana together.

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Operating Hours

Due to quarantine restrictions, we’re temporarily closed.

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We’d really love to have you visit our museum but as of the moment, we're temporarily closed due to quarantine restrictions. If you want to get in touch with us, you may contact us through the following