Masarap, Masaya at Makabuluhang Pasko

NutriAsia Marketing Team with Indigenous Aeta of Capas,Tarlac

To celebrate a purposeful Christmas, NutriAsia’s Marketing Team recently engaged in a cultural exchange program with the indigenous Aeta community of Capas, Tarlac in partnership with Project Liwanag. The one-day program dubbed “Katutubo Cook-off”, aimed to enrich the participants’ appreciation of the indigenous way of life, particularly in preparing meals without modern appliances. Tribal elders happily demonstrated their skills in starting a fire without matches to cooking rice and stewing local delicacies like snails, frogs and chicken in bamboo stems. In exchange, the marketeers eagerly shared their stories and everyday experiences. After a hearty boodle fight, fun games and gift giving followed. Overall, the experience and the bond created that day left an indelible mark on both communities. Through the sharing of stories, the team experienced the beauty of the indigenous community- from their hospitality and generosity, to their language and culture. It was not just their bellies that were full but also their hearts.