NutriAsia Brands Score High In Latest Most Chosen Brands list

(MANILA, Philippines) September 21, 2023 – Leading soy sauce brand Silver Swan, iconic vinegar brand Datu Puti, and innovative sauces brand UFC continue its streak of being among the most chosen brands in the Philippines, according to the 2022 Brand Footprint report by data and insights company Kantar. brand.

With only 50 names on the list, Silver Swan placed 2nd in the Most Chosen Food brand category and 4th in Most Chosen FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) brand category with a CRP of 585 that marks a 2% increase from the previous year. Datu Puti, on the other hand, secured the 4th and 10th spots respectively seeing a 1% increase from last year with a CRP of 406. UFC was ranked 12th in the Most Chosen Food brands category with a CRP of 112, a 4% improvement from 2021.

Further in the report, 2022 was described as the year when the Philippines emerged from the pandemic. This led to Filipinos starting to spend more across mega-sectors and shop in categories that were once deprioritized. Even faced with high inflation, shoppers adopted ways to mitigate price increases. One example is by looking for value in the brands they chose.

Bea Coronol, Kantar Philippines Client Manager

Passed on through generations of Filipino families, Silver Swan Soy Sauce has been a trusted name in everyday condiments that helps bring out the delicious taste in food with its tamang timpla of flavors. Silver Swan also offers a wide range of other condiments and food products suited for the balanced taste that many Filipinos know and love, such as vinegar, fish sauce, salted black beans, chili sauce, hot sauce, oyster sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and Wow Sarap Seasoning Granules.

Datu Puti is the pioneer vinegar brand in the country, with its name defining the nuot-asim sarap that Filipino vinegar is known for. It has grown into a megabrand of condiments with the addition of soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and meal mixes, among others — all having Datu Puti’s signature deep-seeping flavor fit to enhance flavors in any Filipino dish. Through product expansion and a strong drive for relevance, the brand is able to serve young Filipino home cooks who have varying gastronomic interests and cooking interests.

Delighting families throughout the years, UFC gained a lot of buzz when it introduced Banana Catsup in the market, featuring a unique blend of fresh spices and select bananas to deliver its innovative Tamis Anghang flavor that has been the favorite pairing for fried dishes. Sweet with a chili kick, UFC Banana Catsup is the number one catsup in the Philippines lauded for its versatility and ability to complement a wide variety of dishes whether for dipping, cooking, or marinating. UFC’s wide variety of products including soups, canned vegetables, and more has grown into a staple in every Filipino household.  

All three brands are housed under NutriAsia, the Philippines’ top manufacturer of condiments and sauces.