NutriAsia earns international recognition for sustainable innovations and procurement initiatives

Proudly receiving the award for NutriAsia at the Asia Pacific Procurement Awards 2023 are Gerald Barrion, Procurement Manager, and Genevieve Santiago, Group Head of NutriAsia Corporate Procurement Group. Photo source: Procurement Leaders

MANILA, Philippines, January 23, 2023 – NutriAsia, Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of food products found in every Filipino household, recently won the Asia Pacific Environmental & Social Impact Award at the Asia Pacific Procurement Awards 2023 held in Singapore. This award, presented by Procurement Leaders, the world’s largest and most valued procurement network, underscores the company’s dedication to challenging industry norms and enhancing sustainable value within their organization.


The procurement initiatives executed by NutriAsia stood out as one of the most exceptional and groundbreaking in the region. Under the leadership and direction of Procurement Group Head Genevieve Santiago, the NutriAsia Corporate Procurement Group was cited for the range of innovative solutions and winning programs that address challenges in the Philippines, recognizing the company’s commitment to doing good business.


One example of NutriAsia’s sustainable procurement practices is its direct-to-farmer sourcing program. While the company still uses traders, NutriAsia has amplified efforts to reach new sources by working directly with farm communities across the country, even as far as Davao del Sur, which has become a key supplier for their cavendish bananas—a crucial ingredient to create its world-renowned banana catsup.


By establishing partnerships with local farming communities, the company is able to support sustainable agriculture practices while ensuring the quality and freshness of their ingredients. Working with farmers has also created new job opportunities for hundreds of families in the region, providing some relief to their recent hardships.


Strategic partnerships with small and medium enterprises, as well as national government agencies, have also allowed NutriAsia to help balance the supply and demand of the market. Since 2021, the company has worked with V&C Agrifarms, a food processor based in Bukidnon, to harness greenhouse technology for their bell pepper production.


NutriAsia’s commitment to supporting local farmers extends beyond direct-to-farmer sourcing. The company also has an active partnership with the Department of Science & Technology (DOST) to support local farmers in improving their farming techniques. In one instance, DOST aid was directed to V&C Agrifarms to help them adopt more sustainable and efficient practices. Moreover, NutriAsia and DOST collaborate on discovering new ways to extend the shelf life of fresh ingredients through pickled mixes that minimize waste and avoid losses for the local farmers creating them.


In addition to their sustainable procurement practices, NutriAsia is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by fostering a circular economy. The company recognizes the negative impact of tingi culture on packaging waste and has taken steps to address it. It practices meticulous bottle recycling efforts that include thorough cleaning carried out by community washers. This has effectively breathed new life into used catsup and condiment bottles, reducing resource consumption equivalent to 5,500 metric tons of glass.


NutriAsia has also reduced its dependency on cartons by adopting crates for packaging stand-up pouches and reprocessed food cartons for bottle shipments. These efforts have helped save over 1,100 metric tons of paper and a reduction of 40,000-plus cartons and polybags. By implementing these initiatives, the company demonstrates its dedication to sustainability and doing good business.


“As a company that plays a vital role in enhancing the lives of Filipinos, NutriAsia’s commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance is of utmost importance. Our initiatives on supplier diversity, greenhouse technology, pickled innovation, bottle recycling, repurposing corrugated waste, and adopting returnable crates exemplify our unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices,” said Genevieve Santiago, Corporate Procurement Group Head.


By forging partnerships with local farmers and adopting sustainable procurement practices, NutriAsia has set a commendable example for other businesses to follow. The company’s efforts towards sustainability, responsible business, and community empowerment demonstrate their dedication to providing the best for Filipino households, ultimately creating better and more sustainable futures.


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