NutriAsia introduces ‘Snappetize’ with flavorful filters, animated stickers

NutriAsia has launched “Snappetize”, a new version of its proprietary camera filter app featuring more flavorful filters and animated stickers to make meals look more appetizing and worth sharing not only on the table, but online as well.

Inspired by Filipinos’ love for food and photography, Snappetize’s target users – sociable foodies – can use Snappetize not only to apply flavor-inspired filters to match a variety of dishes, but also to learn and apply basic shot composition for meals of varying sizes and numbers. The app also allows netizens to instantly share their foodie snapshots to their social media accounts.

The Snappetize app has filters to discover fun and yummier ways to spice up food stories and meal experiences for friends and families to enjoy. These filters are based on NutriAsia’s well-loved brands, namely, Datu Puti, UFC, Mang Tomas, Golden Fiesta, and Locally.

The Saucey filter, like Datu Puti, makes many Filipino foods better. Sauces are made lighter and more appetizing while also enhancing the vibrancy of the dish.

The Sweetie filter makes every meal warmer by enhancing the yellows, oranges, and reds in the photo. UFC Ketchup and Spaghetti Sauce is all about giving dishes that pinch of sweetness that Filipinos love and this filter does the same for your photos.

The Charred filter gives a dark and warm tone, and takes inspiration from the Mang Tomas All-Around Sarsa. This filter enhances grill marks and glazes on dishes and would make anyone want to dig right in once paired with their favorite all-around sarsa.

The Fiesta filter highlights yellows and golds in foods, this filter really makes every meal look like a golden fiesta. Its warm tone makes meals look fresher off the fryer with that glaze that only NutriAsia’s Golden Fiesta oil can give.

What’s more, each dish can be made more Masarap and Masaya with cute and witty animated stickers that add fun and flare to each photo. Each photo captured comes to life with humor and excitement, perfect for every foodie’s IG Story or FB update.

These exciting photo editing features are guaranteed to entice the taste buds and appetites for every foodie photo taken, ultimately reflecting the qualities of food made with NutriAsia products.

To start snapping those appetizing meals, simply download the Snappetize app for free on Google Play and App Store or scan the QR code.  See image below.

NutriAsia Snap it! Post It!

Snap appetizing meals worth sharing online and on the table by downloading the Snappetize app for free on Google Play and App Store or scan the QR code.