Pork Ribs With Tausi

Enjoy your own homemade version of this Chinese favorite. Steamed to tenderness, it is a delight to make and to serve.

  • Required cooking skill level

  • 2-5
    persons serving
  • 75
    minutes preparation time
  • cooking time


  1. 500 grams Pork spareribs, cut into 1-inch length and sliced thinly


  1. 2 Tbsp Tausi, drained in water
  2. 2 Tbsp White sugar
  3. 2 Tbsp Cornstarch
  4. ¼ Tsp Sesame oil
  5. 1 Tbsp  All-purpose flour
  6. 1 Egg yolk
  7. 3 Tbsp Liquid Seasoning


  1. 20 pieces Siling labuyo, slice
  2. 2 tsp Garlic, sliced
  3. 1 Tbsp Spring onions, chopped


  • 1 Coat pork with tausi, white sugar, cornstarch, sesame oil, all-purpose flour and egg yolk.
  • 2 Transfer to a rimmed heatproof container, and  marinate for about 30 minutes.
  • 3 Prepare a double boiler for steaming by boiling  water.
  • 4 Add marinated pork ribs when water is boiling.
  • 5 Lower heat to a simmer, and steam pork ribs  until tender, about 1 hour. Stir the mixture while  steaming.
  • 6 Add UFC Liquid Genie to cooked pork ribs, and  mix thoroughly.
  • 7 To make chili flakes, heat up pan and lightly  toast the siling labuyo and garlic slices. Set aside.
  • 8 Garnish with spring onions, and enjoy with chili  flakes.


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