How Social Media Is Changing the Way Filipinos Eat

There was once a time when “sharing” food simply meant giving a portion of your meal to another person. Nowadays, hundreds, if not thousands, of people can be a part of your every meal by way of social media, with just a simple tap on #foodporn. Whether it’s the perfectly plated dish you just had at a new restaurant or a killer homemade dessert that’s cute AF, your food and eating habits will most likely make their way from your image roll onto someone else’s virtual plate.

NutriAsia - Food on tray

Not only is this obsession with food making most of us pick up our phones before even taking a bite, it has also become an avenue for restaurants, entrepreneurs, and food websites to reach their desired audience. How else could you and your friends have found out about charcoal ice cream, crazy milkshakes, or that totally IG-worthy café? There’s really more to every meal than meets the eye—that is, until you go ahead and try it out for yourself.

NutriAsia - Barbeque

According to Entrepreneur, data shows that you can “actually make people hungry by having them view pictures of your food.” Social media has also helped give rise to food tourism, wherein travelers are becoming more inclined to choose destinations based on cuisine for a more gastronomic adventure. Which is why it has become such a powerful force in the social-media landscape, even going so far as influencing how people prepare their own food, as this British study shows, as featured by The Guardian.

NutriAsia - Adobo

with this 2017 report stating that Filipinos are number one when it comes to time spent on social media, our collective love of food and eating will inevitably find itself at the center of this phenomenon. All you need is the glorious sight of glistening lechon, or maybe a well-garnished plate of your experimental adobo, and voila—it’s a match made in social-media heaven.

NutriAsia - Grilled Bangus

But what a great photo post can’t do (at least not yet) is to let you get a taste of each picture-perfect dish you see online. Even before social media became a thing, it’s already known that Filipinos are legit foodies. We know this for a fact: Nothing beats the good old Filpino way of eating—no-frills and festive. Pinoys love to “customize” their food using sauces and condiments to suit their taste. And if the dish needs to be improved with vinegar’s tangy taste, the go-to brand of most Filipinos is

Level up your dishes with Datu Puti—use it either as your secret ingredient or as a dip.&nbsp;While enjoying your meals, snap a photo of yourself during that Datu Puti “<em>asim-sarap-ngiti”</em>&nbsp;moment. It’s about time you share the love for this favorite Filipino vinegar&nbsp;and make it a part of your daily feed.