Meatlovers Are Gonna Love This Tender Meat Hack

Who doesn’t love tender meat? That’s so #MeatGoals! We know you’ve kept trying to achieve that restaurant-style meat, that’s so tender inside and out.

Using a meat mallet requires more energy and using pressure cooker demands time, but with not with our hack. From pork chops, steaks, and many other meat dishes, there’s only one secret you need to know. Here, we’ll share a simple hack on how to achieve tender meat dishes that you’ll absolutely love. And it’s so simple and fast!

Here’s the secret that will leave you shookt. Just add vinegar! Vinegar is an excellent base for a marinade because of the meat-tenderizing component it contains. This is the secret to breaking down the tough fibers in the meat, making it soft and tender. Plus, they don’t just tenderize they also add flavor.

Now that you know the magic vinegar brings to meat dishes, it’s time to try the Tender Meat Cheat by following 2 simple steps!

  1. Pierce the meat.
    It’s good to add small pierces on the meat before cooking because this lets the marinade get soaked into the meat and add more flavor.
  2. Add vinegar before cooking.
    So easy! Before you cook, just add a tablespoon of Datu Puti vinegar for every half kilo of meat and let it soak for a short while, then Voilà!

#MeatGoals are achieved thanks to our secret recipe—vinegar! Get yours here (LINK) and try the hack for yourself. Share it to save a meat lover’s life as well.

You can also try the Tender Meat Cheat on other meals like the classic Bistek, savory Beef Tapa, Fried Pork Chops and so much more. Check out many of our meat recipes here