Construction of a World-Class Facility

NutriAsia starts construction of its Cabuyao Plant that promises a world-class facility with state-of-the-art machines, technology-based processes and modern methods in producing catsups and sauces.

First Step to Becoming World-Class

Nutri-Asia takes its first step in becoming world-class by consolidating the production of its liquid condiments to the Marilao Mega plant and Cabuyao Plant while building two new lines in Cebu and Davao to fully cover the growing demands for the brands across the country.

New Products. New Markets. New Technologies.

NutriAsia launches two new categories: cooking sauces and cooking oils. A significant development that helped Heinz-UFC and SAFI acquire new technologies and business processes from their foreign partners. The joint venture with Heinz was short-lived. NutriAsia then consolidated production through its four plants that produce world-class brands that are constant favorites in the Philippines.

Foreign Partnership

SAFI begins the millennium with a joint venture with its first foreign partner, HJ Heinz of the USA. Heinz-UFC, carried catsups and chili sauces while the remaining portfolio of products was handled by SAFI. Heinz-UFC and SAFI later became subsidiaries of NutriAsia Inc.

A Period of Consolidation

SAFI streamlines factory sites from fifteen to five. The consolidation radically improves profits which were then re-invested to grow the company’s core catsup, sauces and liquid condiment business.

First Sheridan distributes SAFI Brands

SAFI acquires Amihan, a regional brand known for vinegar and other sauces. With the growth of sales, comes the birth of First Sheridan—distribution affiliate of SAFI.

The First Big Leap

NutriAsia Incorporated starts out as Enriton Natural Foods, Inc. with just one regional brand called Nelicom that produces catsup, hot sauce, soy sauce and fish sauce. The company acquires Jufran and Mafran and enters a joint venture with Acres & Acres, the company that produces Datu Puti Vinegar, Papa Banana Catsup and Mang Tomas. The […]