Masarap, Masaya ang lutuin.

Make meals more delicious and enjoyable with your favorite NutriAsia products. Whatever it is that you want to cook or eat, we have a condiment to flavor and enhance it.

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  • NutriAsia Inihaw na Baboy

    Inihaw na Baboy

    Smell of smoke wafting from a grill signals that perfectly charred inihaw na baboy is up for lunch. Dipped in a mix of vinegar and soy sauce, this dish conjures memories of indulgently lazy summer weekends spent at home.

    • Intermediate
    • 6-10 People
    • 60 minutes + Overnight Marination
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  • Pinoy Fried Chicken

    Pinoy Fried Chicken

    Fried chicken is probably the most universal dish ever discovered as every country has its own version of this dish. In this recipe, we made it more Pinoy na Pinoy by marinating the chicken in patis overnight. The process allows the patis flavor to seep into the meat. To finish off the cooking process, the chicken was deep fried using Golden Fiesta Palm Oil, bringing out a golden crispy texture that’s perfect for dipping in a mix of banana catsup, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce. Winner! Winner! Pinoy fried chicken for dinner!

    • Intermediate
    • Above 10 People
    • 45 minutes + Overnight Marination
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  • NutriAsia Pork Binagoongan

    Pork Binagoongan

    The pungent smell of bagoong is as much a part of our sensory memories as langka and durian. The fermented fish paste takes center-stage in this popular dish from central Luzon.

    • Intermediate
    • 2-5 People
    • 40 minutes
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  • NutriAsia Fried Porkchop

    Fried Porkchop

    Who wants their fried pork chop a little salty? We do! In this recipe, we’ve marinated the pork chop in Datu Puti Patis and calamansi. We let them roll around the Golden Fiesta Big Crunch Breading Mix and fried them using the Golden Fiesta Oil. Don’t forget to serve this with rice and catsup to fill your family’s tummies for the rest of the day!

    • Intermediate
    • 2-5 People
    • 50 minutes
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  • UFC Banana Catsup has a unique blend of fresh spices and select bananas to get that signature tamis-anghang catsup flavor everyone loves.

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    Masarap, Masaya ‘pag kumpleto

    From vinegar to soy sauce to catsup to special sauces, we have everything you’ll need to make cooking a breeze and every dish a masterpiece.

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